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Really - I don't know how other photograhers do it - photoshoots, editing, publishing to websites, galleries, updating blogs, tweeting, plus keeping house and getting family time with their own ?

But still, it's all good, and being early days, setting up is the hardest part. Each obstacle you overcome makes the road just a wee bit smoother next time.

So yes, i've been continuing to get work, but I just haven't been here posting the results - not that this blog has been launched anyway ( hello me, I am effectively talking to myself ! ), so I am hardly letting anybody down ! :D

This is my gorgeous 18mo old asleep last night. I would die for those eyelashes !

Anyway - so on the home front .. i've purchased a Website and have been slowly chipping away at that .. hired a clever talented graphic designer girlfriend to work on a new logo for me .. have booked in a photographer's retreat for more hands-on learning, in Canberra, later in the year.

I've been photographing and marketing and promoting away. Participated and donated my services to a community auction recently, and am juggling away madly, but happily.

Oh yes, delays on this site are all good :D

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