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Once I went to a conference in San Francisco and won a keyring for travelling the furthest to be there.

I think I owe Baby L. a keyring.
She travelled from Abu Dhabi.

I won't flatter myself though, as it really wasn't me she was in Australia to see .. she was meeting her Grandparents for the first time - aww.

Isn't she a cutie?


And because this was a mini-session for a friend rather than a proper shoot, I let the apprentice take a few shots also:


Apparently, his shots were quite good ( according to Baby L's Mummy, whose feet you can see in the background ).. but I never got to see them due to the jealous deleting of an older brother.


Thanks for visiting Melody, it was so lovely to see you again - I hope you love your gallery ! x


Kristen Cook said...

Oh my goodness, this is all kinds of cute :)

Renee Bell said...

so cute!!! Love the brother taking pics...

MissyBoo said...

Awww! Little L is beautiful (and so is your apprentice)

Sharon Mallin said...

These are so adorable cute - LOVE the ones of the little guy taking some photo's (and sucking his dummy at the same time) :)

Susan Wall said...

oh adorable. What a stunning baby, and love your apprentice :)

Melody said...

I *adore* my gallery, thank you very much! Stunning shots - that is for sure. Pity we don't live closer; I'd be getting you to do more in the future. next visit perhaps??

Heidi K said...

Looks Great! Loving your work girl! You are totally Rocking it

Corrie said...

toooo cute!