Fun Fun Fun | Melbourne Family Photographer

When I revealed this gallery to the client yesterday, they replied with “Happy happy happy” ( well, you know, they said other things too ) .. but I thought it was an appropriate response to a family that was fun, fun, fun!


iPpod Fun.


Pulling faces Fun.


Family Fun.

I wonder if they'd consider adopting me?



tiff(threeringcircus) said...

Gorgeous! I love your perspective! *sigh*

Also, will send you a link to the blog tonight. Just have to go to the hospital today and yesterday was crazy. CRAZY, I tell you.

Renee Bell said...

fun fun fun indeed!!! great shoot - love them :-)

Sunny Road said...

Gorgeous colours and light! No wonder they loved them :)

LK said...

What a fun shoot! Gorgeous colours!

Fiona Lumsdaine said...

Just Gorgeous!!!

dani said...

i love every single one - a fabulous shoot!!

Narrelle said...

What a gorgeous, fun loving family. Love these. And I so want a red-haired boy to shoot myself!! :)

Belinda said...

Oh, what great fun! These are just gorgeous :) Well done, beautiful job.

Melody G said...

Ohh they look like a lot of fun! Love the bright fresh colours! Great job!

emma said...

My, aren't we beautiful!
Thank you so much Leanne, we love them.
Of course we'll adopt you. You have to cook dinner at least three nights a week though.

one little acorn said...

Stunning pics. You captured them with such beautiful light and ease. Very nice.