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My latest studio sample arrived last week - an awesome 60x40" colour canvas to go in the freshly painted studio ( compliments of my super-handy-hubby )

To celebrate this unveiling, i'd like to offer a special discount on studio shoots for the months of September and October - keep reading to find out more!:

Studio Photography is best suited to maternity, newborn and baby photos. The room is climate controlled ( toasty in Winter, cool in Summer ) and I have lots of lovely props, and backdrops to help set the scene ( these are carefully washed and stored after each session )

Backup lighting is handy on days like today when it's a bit murky and overcast, but mainly I control and filter the natural light streaming in from studio left. You can be ensured that even on the darkest day the light will be perfect.

Depending on the 'look' you're after, I take time and effort to make separate vignettes - small areas of difference to aid in different looks. In these photos, you can see some bunting has been left up from a recent baby session, and the fleur-pom-poms are always popular, either as a prop, or a hanging crinkly distraction to get baby to look up. A corner with fake baroque wallpaper might be set up as a backdrop to a sleeping baby.

Of course, plain black & white backdrops are ever-popular too, the session is yours to control and match with your personality.

This room is adjacent to my reception room, where you may view products, discuss your session, or simply relax. If I forget to offer you a tea or coffee though, please ask - I am *terrible* at this, and usually remember after you've left!!

I'd love to have you come and view my new canvas in person - the quality is superb. I only use the very best in suppliers, and I am very very fussy. I also supply prints, art blocks, albums and other items I will be showcasing in a separate blogpost soon.

But today, to celebrate the reveal of my new studio space, i'd like to offer expectant mummies, or mummies with bubbies half-price studio sessions for the months of September and October. And yes, this offer is open to those of you wanting to purchase gift vouchers for others.

Gift Vouchers are a lovely and popular present for the mother-to-be.

So that's $50.00 studio sessions for the months of September & October only!
Offer limited to 10x spots only, so be sure to book quick.

Contact details above, under the blog header - just click on "Contact" for email and phone details - I hope to hear from you soon! x - Lea


Tina O'D said...

It looks absolutely stunning. Almost enough to make me go around again just to have a photo sesssion.

Alex said...

Wow! It looks fantastic!! You've done an amazing job :)

Kristen Cook said...

Look amazing Lea! Huge congratulations on the new space :)

Nicole Ramsay said...

Loving your new space! Beautiful and beautiful canvas.

Dennis Mondido said...

Leanne -Wow!! Wow!! Love. Love the studio!!

sofi said...

it looks amazing! wow!

Robyn Geering said...

wow, this looks amazing. Congraluations on you gorgeous new studio.

h&b said...

thanks everyone! :D