Fun at One | Melbourne Child and Baby Photographer

How hard would it be to look at this little cutie's face all day?


Not hard at all ?
I didn't think so.

Little R had just turned one when I visited for a little play at his local park.

I brought along the little red aeroplane by request and oh boy, was he happy. Ever the champ though, he didn't kick up a fuss at all when it was time to go home.

Such a gorgeous age to photograph, I can't ever imagine this little man ever being unhappy - that infectious grin had me smiling all the way home!




Lyn Walkerden said...

Oh my goodness!! Crazy cute!!! That smile could melt a heart of stone!

Janet Palmer said...

Lea he is adorable :)
what a gorgeous combination of images

Jen Stocks said...

So beautiful! What a little character, and so damn cute!

Sophie said...

You done such a great job of capturing his gorgeous personality... he is oooozing charm this little one!

Narrelle said...

How delightful is he. I think I would have picked him up and put him in my bag if I were there.
Gorgeous images too. :)

Karen Pfeiffer Photography said...

Cuuuuuuuuuuute! I love the joy and happiness you've captured here. What a gorgeous little one. Love these!!