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After much planning over the phone with this beautiful family, in the middle of a Melbourne Summer, I was horrified to awake on the morning of their shoot to dark grey skies. We'd talked about high noon and the heat and the sun .. but no-one had discussed rain. It seemed so .. unlikely!

The shoot was at 8am in Werribee, but leaving early at 6am ( in case I got lost ! ) I was hopeful .. after all, I haven't had to cancel a shoot to bad weather yet, and this is Melbourne...


{ A beautiful Welcome! }


So we settled inside and turned on all the lights. Boy, it was dark out there.
We kept sneaking furtive glances outside, hoping for a break in the rain. "We only need a window of light" I kept telling them, and in the meantime, we made good with some music and stories with their beautiful little girl in their most gorgeous home.



Ahh Melbourne - thankyou!!
The P family had an adorable house, with a much prided-over garden. I would have cried if I didn't get out in it to photograph. You can see in many of the pics though it is still drizzling .. see the little drops in the next image? :


:) What troopers!



P Famiglia - thankyou so much for inviting me into your beautiful home - I loved hanging out with you for the morning while we bided the weather - you were so accomodating and wonderful, and your gorgeous little girl is a treat!

Enjoy your gallery, and thankyou. x


Janet Palmer said...

what a cutie!
love the collage at the end

Dale Taylor said...

Stunning work Lea, just gorgeous. What a beautiful family (and garden :)

caroline bowen said...

STUNNING!!! What a gorgeous little did such a wonderful job...and you know what...everything looks fresh after rain!

Louise Treacy Photography said...

What a beautiful little family - gorgeous work

Robyn Geering said...

These are just wonderful. What a beautiful story you have told.

Kim Selby said...

Stunning Lea, what a gorgeous little girl and family. Just beautiful xx

Amanda Ayling said...

What a beautiful looking family and such stunning images!

Pam Bradford said...

This is a stunning session Lea! Love the range, and how great is the light in their home? Beautiful work.

Ellie said...

Absolutely beautiful Lea, you are amazing. The little girl is such a cutie :-)