Madame Wu :: Melbourne Commercial Photographer


Introducing Madame Wu.
100 Ormond Street, Elwood



Anyone that knows me knows Asian food is my weakness.

Madame Wu is a welcome and modern addition to the popular Elwood strip.
The staff are friendly and ambience is elegant and warm.

I was particularly taken with the handblown glass light pendants the owner/chef Tony told me he imported himself, with much delicacy.
It was obvious to me the restaurant has been launched with real passion and pride.



Madame Wu's is open for Dinner Tuesday to Sunday from 6.00pm
and for Yum Cha Saturday & Sunday 11.00 to 3.00pm

Come in to experience Tony's changing seasonal menu of Cantonese food that is old in heritage but has a modern twist.



Madame Wu are now on the web:,
and facebook:


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Pam Bradford said...

Stunning Lea! You're making me hungry, my mouth is literally watering.

Anonymous said...

This is near where we live! I have noticed Madame Wu's, but now you have encouraged me to pop in and try the food - it looks wonderful! - Monique.

summer pickles said...

Oh my Lea... yearning for sunny Melbs again. The place, the FOOD! beautifully photographed as always xx

Jen stocks said...

These are absolutely fantastic. Makes me very, very hungry!

Robyn Geering said...

oh just gorgeous, beautiful work. Asian food it also my weakness, and I would so love to enjoy this food. LOVE.

Sophie said...

Beautifully shot Lea! Asian is my weakness too...would eat it breakfast, lunch and dinner given the choice : )

Janet Palmer said...

Oh yum... I think a Madame Wu outing might b in order

M said...

Beautiful photos Lea, you really are a talented photographer.

h&b said...

Thankyou everyone .. it was a very cruel shoot .. dishes came and went within minutes, time enough to arouse all my senses before being whipped away so I may photograph the next dish .. pure torture ..

Although the good thing about the speed in which they cme and went meant I didn't get a chance to drool on them :)

Jenny Goddard said...

Absolutely stunning photography!! It all looks so fantastic...and yummy too!!!

sarah black said...

These are nothing short of stunning Lea, leaving aside my drooling for just a minute. Wow.