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Yes, I have been absent, thanks for noticing!

For those of you not following on Facebook .. I had a little IT trouble that left me shooting sessions most days during an extremely busy season, and yet .. no computer to download to or edit on.

Lucky I am fastidious about backups, so no files were lost during the big harddrive crash of 2012, but it has put me rather behind schedule. Rest assured I am working hard behind the scenes, but I am just one person, balancing accounts, sales, bookings, enquiries, and of course, new work, your work, and sometimes, just sometimes, I get to eat a sandwich ;)

So thankyou all for your patience.

In other news, a few changes are afoot .. hopefully to make life for all easier, and to expediate my workflow. I mention these things periodically on facebook ( you should follow me! :) as it's easier to jot a few lines than compose a full blogpost.

Briefly, in news:

1/4 - I am no longer doing any in-studio sessions. If you are after a maternity or baby session,
I am happy to travel to you or a location of your choosing.

2/4 - In the past, I have held onto all files from sessions, regardless of purchase, for 3years.
As of July 1, 2012, I will be purging all unpurchased files, and archiving only the images bought,
for the same 3years.

In the unlikely case of sessions where no purchase has been made from 3months from the gallery slideshow, all images will be purged.

3/4 - The old studio has been set up as a new office. After your session, another appointment will be made to discuss your favourite images and how best to display them. I have a lovely array of product samples to view, touch and admire, plus a fantastic computer system that allows us to visualise images as if they were already in your home! 

4/4 - Finally, with only a few midweek exceptions, I am completely booked out until the end of August, with enquiries thick on the ground.  If you have been thinking of making a booking, I urge you to not leave it to the last minute! Christmas Photos? A family portrait for Nanna?
I'd hate you to call in September hoping for a September/October session and be disappointed!

Oh, and how lovely is this corporate image I took a few weeks ago ( top )?  After doing the usual mug shots, I was super excited when this small team were happy to shake it up a bit.  Firstly we ventured into their brilliant foyer ( I love the sculpture in the foreground, and the marble! ), and then we shot them out in the laneway next to the building, amongst the shops, people, the steam from espresso machines and people dining under market umbrellas!  Fabulous!  They look like Rock Stars!



Melissa Stampa said...

All the changes sound awesome, it's great to shake things up a bit. Love the corporate image too!

simone carter said...

great corporate image and congratulations on taking some new directions too - you will grow even further!

sheila higgins said...

that is a great corporate image - well done - it can be hard to inject personality into those types of images but you have done it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leanne,

I will call you today about getting some work done for our little office if you might have some time before August? Just some updated team images, and of the new premises etc etc, anyway, will call. Would love something like this on our new brochure especially!


Kirsten Flavell said...

Great shot, and sounds like you have some great plans in place for you business!

Kim Selby said...

Lea, you are a true professional in every sense of the word. I love this such a lovely relaxed,approachable, real feel to it.
So wonderful to hear you are so busy also - you deserve every success and more.

amanda said...

Fantastic, such a natural warm friendly capture.

casso said...

What a funky shot for a corporate shoot! Love how you've got a great mix of colours in there too. Lovely positioning, they all look so happy and relaxed.

Fiona K said...

What a cool corporate image!

Janet Palmer said...

As always love your work Lea x