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Left it too late again, huh?

You *meant* to get those photos organised, but then with the school concert and the other school concert, and the work do, and that thing you had to go to, and that other function and then you fell asleep and lost several days and woke up and it was Christmas. Right?

And oh-my-God .. Grandma!
Arrghh .. another Christmas dinner listening to her bemoan the fact she never sees the children, forgets what you look like... oh, you definitely need to avoid that old chestnut of conversation this year.

It's ok. I'm here for you.

Gift Vouchers Available!

A Gift Voucher.

And not a flimsy piece of paper in a standard envelope. No.

I matt your voucher up all pretty and substantial-like.
You could even frame it if you liked ( but it looks super impressive as it is, trust me ).
If you return the matt when your session is booked, i'll even pop a complimentary print in it when you place your order.

How nice is that?
( Answer: Very )

You can either do a direct buy via the Paypal link above .. or email me direct to customise up an amount of your choosing, or wording to make Grandma's heart sing.

Together, we can save Christmas.
Or at least make it a little bit easier :)



hayley said...

Lea you are such a could anyone resist booking a shoot with you!

Adventures of a Crazy Mumma said...

Shared and hopefully taken up :)