A New Café :: Melbourne Commercial Photography

I love the variety commerical work offers me.

This is a sneak peek at some food photography I did for a return client who is working on a new website for his café.

Probably the worst thing about food photography is all the beautiful fresh dishes served up to me - and then whisked
away to go cold and a new dish is presented.  It's fast work, and it's only when I return home to toast & wine
for dinner do I realise I should have ordered something to go ..

There's always next time I guess..


More images of the interior and signage to come once the new site is up.
Until, then, why not go out and support your local café ..



Anonymous said...

Oh YUM!!!

Sheila Higgins said...

wow - looks amazing!!!

Ellie Williamd said...

Leanne you have done an amazing job with these. I am sure the food looks amazing, but to actually capture it in a way that makes my mouth water is a real talent.

Rachel said...

These are awesome- great job :)

Melanie Kellermann said...

Oh yum yum,,

Liz said...

Mmmm YUM!!

Kim Selby said...

Drool. These are fabulous.