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It's been a very busy February, and Natalie's due date was approaching. 

After a few back-n-forth emails, I knew we had to have a pre-baby chat, and so this is how it happened that Nat
and I spent 2 hours on the phone the day before her birth, talking everything from birth plans, a recent trip to New York
( theirs, not mine! ) and their beloved poodle-cross.


Natalie was insistent on a March birth.  She'd had stern words with the baby.
Everyone in their tight group of friends and family was born in Feb, so March was good to go.


Due for another 3 weeks and a first baby, I did not expect the wake-up call early the next morning!
I guess they didn't either...

 hbfotografic-birth-photography  hbfotografic-birth-photography

But it was definitely no false alarm...


We were here to attend a birth-day.


 Things were progressing quickly..

hbfotografic-rueben-birth-9v hbfotografic-birth-photography  hbfotografic-birth-photography

Natalie toiled brilliantly with only one early shot of pethidine for relief.


... preferring to transfer her pain to the bedsheet.


Daniel checked the clock.
He's going to be a Dad today.

hbfotografic-birth-photography   hbfotografic-birth-photography

  hbfotografic-birthstory-photography  hbfotografic-birth-photography

1.19pm, Saturday 15th February, 2014


A child is born.

hbfotografic-birth-photography  hbfotografic-birth-photography

Welcome Reuben!


hbfotografic-birth-photography  hbfotografic-birth-photography

He's perfect.

hbfotografic-birth-photography  hbfotografic-birth-photography

Congratulations Natalie & Daniel.


and thank you for allowing me to share your story here - i'll have your video available soon!

Thank you also to the midwives of the Mercy Hospital, Heidelberg, for your continued support and acceptance
of birth photography.  And of course, the wonderful job you do bringing babies into the world.



bec said...

Absolutely gorgeous. These gave me a lump in my throat!
Beautiful baby boy. Congrats to mum and dad :)

djbphotography said...

Beautiful Lea, absolutely beautiful.

Peta said...

Wow! These photos are so special. You did a wonderful job capturing them. Such a gorgeous baby boy.

Rana said...

Absolutely perfect, you have captured it so beautifully.

Rachel said...

*sigh* Just perfect!

Josette said...

so beautiful! Love the running commentary too.

Leonie said...

Ah- these bring back so many memories. Beautiful story telling, emotion, love. Gorgeous!! And congrats to the Mum & Dad

Kylie said...

Awesome. Your commentary is excellent! Your photos made my eyes leak xo