Introducing: The Referral Reward | Melbourne Lifestyle Photographer


I must say, it's nice to get some of this badly-lagging-behind marketing out of the way. I can think of a few past clients eligible for this promotion, and yes, I will honour it retrospectively.

Here's How It Works:

Hopefully you had a lovely session with me. Supposedly I was a nice person, and took some photographs you loved. You tell some people - your friends, the guys at the gym, the mums at the schoolgates, your neighbour over the road.

They make a booking for their own personalised photo session.
You get a free print ( of your choosing ! ) as a way of saying "thankyou"*

Two of your friends make bookings ? That's TWO free prints.
...Wow, keep going, and you could get your whole session for free.

Thankyou, and enjoy!
- Leanne

* Prints to be chosen and ordered after the booking takes place. If your friend books in January for a July session .. you order your print in July, post-booking.


Heidi K said...

Nawhh my beautiful Ellie. With those big Blue eyes:)
looks great Leanne, you are doing awesome girl.
Love your work x

h&b said...

Thanks Heidi!
- still to process all my Jinky pics ( !! ) - shall I send your beautiful girls direct to you ?