Isn't She Lovely? :: Melbourne Baby Photographer ::

I received a lovely email in my inbox the other day.


I felt a little bad.
I met this wee gorgeous princess as part of my photographer's weekend LAST OCTOBER where she acted as a very gorgeous little model for us.

When the mother received her proofs recently ( see, i'm not the only slowboat then! :), she told me she was disappointed that mine was not among them as she'd seen this particular image I had taken:


and wrote:
"It is such a beautiful photo and you have captured a look I haven’t seen before .. no one seemed to capture J. like you did"

What a lovely thing to say!
I must admit, I hadn't even looked at my pics from that weekend but for a few - things got very busy and commissioned work threw me in a tizz.

However, the upside of this is that revisiting these photos and finally editing them has been *lovely* and i'm sure you'd agree this little girl is gorgeous.

I'm so glad you contacted me Carolyn - your email made my day and gave me a nice kick up the bum to boot!
Expect a lovely parcel in your mailbox soon xx



Melody said...

What an adorable girl! And that highchair? WOW.

h&b said...

I know!!

it reminds me of those dining chairs I picked up roadside:

Nicole Ramsay said...

Gorgeous girl! I can see why she was disappointed.

Katie Toland said...

Gorgeous Lea!