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mookah product shoot

More pics from my lovely Inverloch day-jaunt, this time product photography for the lovely girls at Mookah.

Depite the winter BOG ( oh, it was wet, I had to oil my boots for weeks until I got the high-tide marks out of them! ), Mookah headquarters is on the loveliest parcel of land just out of town. Every turn is a beautiful new vista to marvel at - old sheds, rusting things, trees of green and blue, just gorgeous. Oh, and the headquarters themselves? Well, let's just say that in my dreams, I own a dozen different houses in a dozen different locations, and this could be one of them - open fireplace, cathedral ceilings, arty light installations, picture windows, a deck to die for ... well..

So it was a little difficult considering the wet and the bog and considering we were working with soft furnishings best NOT associated with mud, dirt and water. But we did our best.

I've bought from Mookah before and if you're in the market for gorgeous Australian made product featuring Australian motifs and produced from Australian-made fabrics, then you couldn't look any further for fabulous.

Mookah can be found on Etsy, via their Blog, or at various regional markets Australia-wide ( see blog for details ) , and come highly recommended.

( In fact, i'm putting my payment for this job towards my already-ordered Christmas treat for the kids .. well, at least I think i'm ordering it for the kids ... it could be for me! )



Renee Bell said...

gorgeous stuff!!!!

Anonymous said...

Its a beautiful corner of south east gippsland and your photos have captured it and the products fabulously! What a brilliant day!

Mookah said...

Oh don't you just love those Mookah girls? Thanks again for all those funky photos and cant wait for session 2.

Fiona Lumsdaine said...

Stunning products and location and pics. x

Janine said...

You did a fab job despite the adverse weather conditions. It seems the gorgeous scenery and products make it all just 'work'. Lovely stuff.

amanda reelick said...

Oh wow, I want some ! These are fabulous product shots!

Melody G said...


How gorgeous is all this stuff! I love!

Great shoot.

Susan Wall said...

Just such awesome product shots!