And the Weather was Amazing: Melbourne Family Photographer

I don't normally do 'sneak peeks' .. in fact, often my sessions are blogged months after the images are selected and the prints are up on the wall.

But this session just made me smile, and smile & smile!
You see, last Sunday, Melbourne was hit with a SEVERE WEATHER WARNING. I went outside and put the guinea pigs away, secured some toys that might be blown away and reluctantly went inside to call the client and cancel. It was hard to beleive, but in 2hours, we were going to need an Ark and two of every animal.

An hour passed. The BOM website showed a storm front a bit like the map of New Zealand, and my little pocket of the world was between the islands of fury .. untouched. An oasis. What should I do? Should I call back, foolishly and suggest we might be ok? What if the kids were now bathed and getting ready for bed?

I called. I left the ball in their court. We waited.
And decided to do it.


The light was *amazing* and we had so much fun! At one stgage some big blotchy heavy drops began to fall and I raced the kids up to get some quick headshots for mum.. but even that passed, and we resumed play again. the water was as warm as a bath and no-one was there - we had the beach to ourselves ( normally I fight for space with brides and videographers and wedding parties )

Kerrin, thankyou for calling me back - i'm so glad we didn't reschedule. Your family is such fun and I think these images reflect it, I can't wait to get onto the rest and get the whole gallery to you - just beautiful!


L Family

Oh, and this weekend .. same applies .. i'm hoping the Weather Gods are kind to me once more!!



Alex said...

Stunning! So glad you went ahead, because the results are beautiful :)

Chrissy Torney said...

Oh yes, they are beautiful!! WOW, great luck with the weather that weekend!

Jennifer Stocks said...

The weather was amazing, and so were you by the looks of it! These are so fun and fabulous!

Leanne Stamatellos said...

so glad you shared a sneak peek - this session looks beautiful and the family must be so excited!

katie said...

Gorgeous family, the kids are just adorable. Don't you love that pre-storm light. These are wonderful Leanne, so fun and vibrant.

Caroline Fogg said...

Oh Leanne, these are gorgeous. Seriously you rocked it. Love!

Dannii said...

Fabulous images, so glad you were able to still go ahead with the shoot.

They look like such a fun family to hang out with too.

Fiona Lumsdaine said...

Love love love LOVE these ones!! The colour... the expressions.. the emotions! You nailed it!!

Kim Selby said...

Oh my gosh - these are brilliant. The love and happiness just shines through with the sun!