Milestone Press: Melbourne Product Photographer


A taste of some recent product photography I did recently for Milestone Press.

Milestone Press is an Australian Owned & Operated Company, and i've been using their product for 3 years now.. and giving away the PR for free!
I really do like to stand behind the products I love, and hey, all those years as a Sales Rep .. sometimes I can't help myself... I love to sell the things I love, commission or no commission ;)

So I was delighted this year when they came to me looking for some new images. It seems Milestone Press like to reward those that support them also.

This year my Master Plan Diary is in Cornflower Blue, which is divine. Last year was Berry, and the year before it was a Poppy Red.
I love an old fashioned diary, all my notes, scribbles and con-note numbers, contacts, phone numbers I thought i'd ever only need the once ... they're there when I need them, and i'm surprised how often I do. Handy.

Anyway, this was some straightforward clean & clear photography, which is necessary for consumers - to see the details, the colours, the materials. I'm hoping we'll also do some more conceptual work together later in the year as well, which will be exciting.

In the meantime, why not head over to their site and pick up a few items for yourself or others?
A new product this year is the Christmas Journal - what a fabulous idea, and just in time for the guy in the red suit...


Rachael Kelly said...

Gorgeous shots of some super cute diaries and note books. Off to check out their site!!

Melanie Birt said...

hmmm, off to check out their site as well... looks like some great gift ideas for this year are now sorted. These images are perfect, they let the product speak for itself :)

jayne said...

Yep, you have me intrigued as well...just off to have a little look!

Megan said...

Ooh, the Christmas Journal looks intriguing. These are lovely pictures, I wish all companies would hire a professional - you see so many bad images out there :(

Love your work!


Elisabeth said...

I can't get onto their site? I thought your link might be broken, but when I googled, it didn't work either?