The Very Cute & Funny B- Family | Melbourne Family Photographer

Recently, the B-family were referred to me to capture images of their 11-day-new baby addition to the family.

I think Mum will be surprised to see this first image. Miss G did close her eyes... maybe just once, but we got it!


Perhaps it had something to do with being a thirdborn .. I swear I think she relaxed once the siblings arrived, with all their love and mirth..


Funny little kids .. they had me in stitches with their modelling and posing and face-pulling .. way too many photos .. how cute are they?


I love the families I get to see. Maybe it's because families that love each other want to be photographed together?
I'm not sure, but gee I meet some lovely people.

Hope you enjoy this small sneak peek B's ... I am so glad you popped in to see me - your family is gorgeous, inside & out!



Anonymous said...

I love, love, love these, Lea, particularly the one of all 3 kids together. I can see so much of the kids' personalities in these photos and I just want to give them all big hugs!

Kirsten said...

Oh what a precious little one! The older two look cheeky!

caroline bowen said...

What a gorgeous happy family...I love the connection you have captured...beautiful!

Jayne said...

That b&w of the 3 of them...PERFECT! So beautiful!

Jen stocks said...

So, so gorgeous! Love the colour and the spirit you have captured in these kids! Really wonderful work.

sarah black said...

Your images always have such a lovely feel to them Lea, you capture a lot more personality in your images, and these are no exception. I adore all these, but especially the family photo and the bw shots of the children. SO perfect.

Robyn Geering said...

These are just gorgeous Lea - am loving that newborn smile to. Beautifully captured.