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Well, it's finally in store - the latest edition of Complete Wedding Melbourne!


I shot a feature back in August for the lovely Erin of Brides on Main in Mordialloc as part of a collaborative project with her lovely dressmaker, and her lovely model, herself a Wedding Co-Ordinator ( a breastfeeding mama of two .. and NOT, may I add, a professional model. Amazing ).



We had a lovely little afternoon shooting in and around the store.
We chatted while Erin transformed Sarah from suburban mum to Va-Va-Voom, Arlene did the dressing, and then it was my turn. I must say, it was lovely to work with a client I could direct and instruct and they knew what I wanted and didn't pout or run away ( or ignore me completely! - lol, the joys of photographing the kiddy set! :) There was also none of the stress or angst of a real wedding .. just some ladies all wanting to make some beautiful images together.


Great work girls .. a virtual hi-five to you all .. the mag looks fabulous - x.

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Kirsten Flavell said...

wow looks amazing! well done!!

Anonymous said...

Stunning work. Beautiful just beautiful !!!

kris mccann

caroline bowen said...

CONGRATULATIONS they are some of the most stunning wedding pics I have ever seen...beautiful work!

Dennis Mondido said...

Wow.Wow Leanne!! Great work!!

Robyn Geering said...

WOWOWOWOW, these are just amazing. Sensational

Belinda Cook said...

Oh Lea, these are absolutely stunning! Congratulations x

Jen stocks said...

Wow, these look incredible!!

Kim Selby said...

You clever, clever thing! These are SO SO brilliant! I am going out to buy my copy now!! Well done lovely girl.