A Look Back: Melbourne Small Business Photographer

Winter's not over yet but my Winter Warmer specials all got snapped up!

Were you debating, thought you still had time?

Well, if you're a bit of a follower and you mention how nice and pretty what a super-awesome person I am ..
like a lot, and with meaning, I may be able to slot just one more person in, but you really do need to be
organised for next week and next week only.

Otherwise, i'm booked out until the end of October. 


All my latest small business sessions are currently under wraps, awaiting new marketing material to be developed,
so today i'm featuring the gorgeous Koren Harvey, Wedding Celebrant Extraordinaire.

I'm actually re-doing my own website at the moment and i'm surprisingly making progress
( the old site has actually had a little "Coming Soon" sticker on it at the moment....  
I popped that sticker up in *cough* 2012 .. terrible!! )

So in the midst of designing, I thought i'd dig up some nice things people have said about me and remembered
Koren had blogged our session, so I went to look it up.

Four years on and Pow!  I'd forgotten all the nice things she wrote, and thought I should share them here,
where others ( perhaps you, pondering whether to get some new images yourself? ) could read them.


Koren writes:

" Now, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve not posed for pictures since my schooldays.

The idea of doing so as an adult filled me with dread. You mean… I’d have to pose? By myself?

Without a wine glass/statue/landscape to camouflage myself against? GAH!

What if they were horrendous? What if I looked naff? What if someone saw them?
(By now my hysteria had taken over and I’d forgotten why I was having them done).

And then I met Leanne of h&b foto.grafic.

Calm, personable and seriously talented, I was referred to Leanne by someone I trust
and the images on her website took my breath away. Everything looked completely unposed
and yet absolutely perfect. If she could make me look half as wonderful as all the people on
her website I’d be doing well!

On the day, Leanne had me comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera in about 3 minutes flat.
The entire experience felt like I was walking around chatting with a girlfriend who just happened
to have some very impressive camera kit with her.

In fact, I found myself wanting to do it again just so we could hang out more!

Like most women, it takes a LOT for me to like a photograph of myself (why are we always
our own harshest critics? …) … I LOVE THEM!


Do you know what?
Tears rushed to my eyes when I read that.

That's exactly how I like my clients to feel.
I like to have fun and be besties for a little while. 
I know what it's like to not love your natural image, and I know that having
your picture taken is a bit like a dental visit for a root canal treatment.

So thankyou Koren, for writing those kind words.  They mean a lot.

If you want to love  your business/branding/headshots as much as Koren, let me know!
( and meantime, if you're planning a wedding - Koren's your girl! )



Mandy said...

Oh gosh! These are wonderful!

I admit I was going to take one of your sessions, but my site is still a way off yet, so I might wait until later in the year - eek!

katie said...

Awesome job, Lea. God I would love some like this for me!

sarah black said...

Absolutely gorgeous images!

Liz said...

Great idea and gorgeous images. You'd be crazy not to get these done x

Peta said...

Such beautiful portraits Lea!

Jenny Goddard said...

Awww gorgeous! Such gorgeous images and a beautiful, heartfelt thank you that you got in return.